Carpets & rugs

You should never place a carpet or rug directly onto a hard floor without an underlay of some description. Underfelt acts as a protection against the unevenness of the base floor and prevents dust from rising between gaps in the wooden foundations. Resilience and softness underfoot are other added advantages of cushioning the pressure on the carpet when used with underlays.

On close covered carpeted floors rugs can be placed upon a non-slip type of underfelt that can eradicate the problem of creeping. There is no known total answer to the problem of pieces moving around the room as the trouble is often due to the opposite lie of each pile, aided and abetted by pedestrian activity.

Do not anchor down rugs with heavy pieces of furniture and do not pull corners out to straighten rugs as these two perils cause misshape to take place, especially in flatweaves.

Try not to use a vacuum cleaner but if you do so only employ the cylindrical kind with low suction power. Preferably use a carpet sweeper such as a ‘Hoky‘ and whatever method you choose make sure the movement is parallel to the shorter side. This avoids sucking at the corners or ends and does not cause ripples in the rug that require pulling out.

Always have cleaning and restoration handled by a professional firm or dealer and see that it is carried out every three years and no longer than every five years. Never have the work carried out in-situ, the secret of good cleaning is to beat out the dirt and dust; that cannot be achieved on site.

You must not use dry cleaning or any chemical process to clean carpets and rugs. If staining occurs absorb the liquid with a sponge or paper towel then dab with tepid water containing mild washing up soap which is detergent free, as soon as possible, finishing the application with the pile in a downward motion. Then seek expert guidance.

When any damage is discovered in a rug attend to it immediately; delay creates further extensive damage to the fabric often resulting in loss of value and extra repair costs. Animal or urinal spoiling can be devastating so prudent owners should be vigilant and act quickly using soda water or similar to counteract the penetrative and discolouring elements. Aged stains and odours from such situations cause irreparable damage.

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