Antique stone & marble

First it should be remembered that stone and marble are natural materials and are porous. Normally a marble chimneypiece will be waxed during restoration and as such the surface will to a certain extent be sealed.

The normal dangers with marble chimneypieces are that the wax wears away over the years due to heat, dusting and use, and subsequently is more prone to damage from smoke and soot, rust stains, spilt wine, tea cups and atmospheric dirt.

Stone is more likely to absorb stains and discolouration because normally it is left untreated and thus open to the elements.

Occasional wiping with a clean cloth to either marble or stone will do no harm. Professional help is essential for combatting any serious stains or build up of discolouration and also if you are wanting to move or install a chimneypiece or repair breaks or cracks.

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