Antique brass & copper

Hand polish with any proprietary brand of brass and copper polish, using soft materials such as cotton-wool to apply and a yellow duster to remove.

All highly abrasive products, e.g.: emery cloth, wire-wool and the like are to be strictly avoided as these are extremely harmful to all fine metal surfaces and, as with bad repairs, can render a piece virtually worthless.

In general heavily tarnished or damaged objects require the attention of a highly skilled professional craftsman. A specialist BADA member will be pleased to advise you on how to proceed.

A lacquer coating does no harm and can preserve the shine for a few years. This however should be a personal choice and is more suitable for some items than others. Professional help should be sought for this process.

It is essential that all copper cooking utensils which are to be used for their original purpose in the preparation of food and drink have a perfect tin lining. Jaeggi’s in London offer such a lining service. (See product suppliers).

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