Antique jewellery

Jewellery, be it modern or antique, needs some care and consideration in its handling and use.

Hair lacquer, perfume, both spray and non-spray, should not be allowed to come into contact with jewellery generally — pearls in particular — as it can dissolve the surface.

These lotions should be applied and allowed to dry before putting on jewellery. If they come into contact with gold or silver settings they can stain the metal. For example a silver brush set can be ruined by being kept on a dressing table which has become infected with hair lacquer.

Some jewellery cleaning fluids can cause problems. Generally most jewellery responds very well to hot water, a tablet of soap and a toothbrush. If the article is closed set this should not be immersed in fluids. When washing jewellery make sure it is done in a bowl without a plug hole.

Most BADA jewellery dealers are quite willing to clean items of jewellery for their clients.

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