Antique porcelain & pottery

Common sense will take you a long way towards the care of antique porcelain. In some cases decorative pieces may be extremely fragile. Always remember to hold an item by the main part of the body, never by the extremities such as the handle.

If necessary immerse it very gently in warm water to which has been added a dash of washing up liquid. On no account use abrasive cleaners. If it is very dirty use a soft sponge to very gently wipe clean. Pottery, being more porous, should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

If it is necessary to put it in water, the water should be much cooler than for porcelain, and the item should not be left to soak. Sellotape should never be used to hold on lids, as on peeling it off the enamelling or gilding may be removed. A better way to attach loose pieces is to use Blu-Tack.

It is always preferable to keep antique porcelain and pottery behind glass.

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