Antique clocks

Antique clocks fall into two categories — spring driven and weight driven. You will find that with either type of clock they will perform better if they are kept running, so regular winding is essential, being sure to use only the correct size of key.

Care should be taken when winding. With spring driven bracket and mantle clocks be sure to hold the clock steady and with weight driven longcase clocks open the trunk door to enable you to see that the weights do not foul the case or pendulum. When correcting the time, on all clocks, only turn the hands clockwise.

This is particularly important with striking clocks. Antique clocks, in good condition, require very little maintenance. Any servicing or restoration work should only be entrusted to a qualified horologist who specialises in antique clocks.

Your nearest BADA dealer will normally be able to recommend a suitable craftsman.

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