In the unlikely event that there is a dispute between a BADA member and his customer the case can be taken to BADA’s free arbitration service rather than the law courts — the latter an often protracted and expensive experience.

A panel of at least three experts in the appropriate field will be formed. These leading antique dealers from across the United Kingdom will independently judge whether an object was correctly described at the time of sale.

BADA's Arbitration Service provides rapid judgement at (save carriage) no cost to the consumer by experts who would be likely to be called as expert witnesses in a legal action.

In the first instance the Association always advises customers of members to discuss any problems or concerns they may have about a purchase with the dealer from whom the item was acquired.  Should the matter fail to be resolved in this manner, please contact the Secretary General, BADA, First Floor, 21 John Street, London WC1N 2BF

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