Antiques Assessment Service

You own what you believe to be a valuable antique, but you are not really certain what it is. Why not take advantage of BADA's Assessment Service?

This service has been offered for many years to any member of the public who needs to obtain confirmation as to the age and appropriate description of an antique object. The service is NOT a valuation service; valuations can be carried out by those BADA members who provide such a service (see Dealer Search).

At least three experts are appointed by the Association to inspect items submitted under the Service. They are usually willing to comment upon existing descriptions of items or to provide a description where none existed previously.

There is a charge for the service (see below).

  • The Assessment Service is provided to members of the public on the following conditions:
  • In most cases, for items to be examined they must be delivered at the owner’s expense to the Association’s headquarters in London. The items are insured up to a maximum level whilst on our premises.
  • BADA undertakes to any person using the Assessment Service that the object in question will be examined by a panel of not fewer than three experts who will provide an opinion in writing as to the age, appropriate description and authenticity of the object.
  • Every opinion is given in good faith after an inspection and examination carried out with due diligence and within the current boundaries of knowledge. It must be clearly understood that since the views of experts often differ in attribution and identification neither BADA nor its panel members can give any warranty as to the complete accuracy of any opinion expressed.
  • BADA's Assessment Service operates subject to the above conditions and anyone using the Service will be assumed to have accepted them.

To take advantage of this service, please apply to BADA (see Contact) for an Assessment form, which should be completed and returned to together with a cheque or draft drawn on a UK bank payable to "BADA" for sterling £300.00 (inclusive of VAT). Please telephone us to discuss the item first, so that our staff can assess its suitability for the Service. In certain cases, by prior arrangement, the item can be examined on the owner’s premises in which case the fees for this are £600.00 (inclusive of VAT) plus travel expenses as incurred.

Upon receipt of the completed form BADA will then contact you to arrange a time for delivery of the item to our premises.

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