BADA President and Council

The British Antique Dealers' Association prides itself on the close involvement of its members in the governance of the Association. The day to day affairs are carried out by a Chief Executive, a Secretary General and a small team of permanent staff in London.

Policy and ethical matters are steered by a non-executive President, currently Lady Borwick, and up to 12 experienced dealers elected to the ruling BADA Council, which is chaired by the Chairman of the Council.

Additionally up to six regional representatives attend Council meetings to ensure that the Council is kept in touch with every aspect of the market up and down the country.


  • Lady Borwick



  • Chairman of the Council: Michael Cohen
  • Vice-Chairman: Robert Young
  • Treasurer: Ian Walker 



  • Laura Bordignon
  • Lennox Cato
  • Richard Coles
  • Alastair Gibson
  • Jeremy Green
  • Kaye Michie
  • Anthony Outred


Regional Representatives

For details of current representatives please click here: Regional representatives



Chief Executive

  • Marco Forgione

Secretary General

  • Mark Dodgson

Events Director

  • Madeleine Williams

Friends' Director

  • Anne Green

Operations Manager

  • Tom Hoare 

Membership Secretary

  • Riley Grant

Accounts Assistant

  • James Ng

Communication Manager

  • Martin Weller

Events Officer

  • Lily Glover-Wright
  • Lisa Heiler


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