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About Timothy Millett Ltd

Timothy Millett has been active in the business for over thirty years. He originally trained as a coin and medal dealer with nearly twenty years with A. H. Baldwin and Sons, but over the years he has concentrated more and more on historical medals.

Timothy has now been running his own business for nearly fifteen years and exhibits at a number of the major events in London through the year.

In more recent times he has placed a greater emphasis on objects related to historical events and personalities, whilst at the same time maintaining medals as the backbone of the business.

Timothy particularly enjoys the historical objects because there is no limit to the type of item or subject matter. An item may initially appear to have a rather bland exterior, which in fact very quickly provides a fascinating historical context. This proved to be very much the case with his own personal hobby of convict love tokens, about which he published the book, Convict Love Tokens: The Leaden Hearts the Convicts Left Behind, and had an exhibition at the British Museum and a number of museums in Australia, including the Powerhouse in Sydney.

Elected to BADA membership for Historical medals and commemorative antiques.


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