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About Anthony Woodburn Ltd

Anthony Woodburn and his wife Sonja has been selling antique clocks for more than three decades. They specialise in 17th-, 18th- and 19th-century English longcase and bracket clocks and barometers and 19th-century French carriage clocks.

Their collection includes the finest examples available over three centuries, from the reign of Charles II, through the Queen Anne & Georgian periods to that of Queen Victoria. Each clock is in as near perfect condition as the passage of time has allowed and each one exemplifies the clockmaker’s collaboration with the best designers, cabinetmakers and silversmiths of his day to create not only a functional timekeeper but also an item of enduring beauty.

The business has always specialised in those innovative clockmakers whose work influenced others, be it Tompion or the Knibb family from the 17th century, or Dent from the 19th century - items appreciated by the academic, the investor and those who gain pleasure from owning a superb, working timepiece.

Anthony Woodburn Ltd also purchases fine antique English clocks and barometers by important clockmakers and can be contacted for an appraisal, in which case photographs of the pieces will help in the assessment process.

Originally based in the Kent village of Leigh, Anthony no longer has a shop, but continues to sell at major fairs, including Masterpiece London and the BADA Fair, or his stock may be viewed by prior appointment.

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